JOHN - Montessori Toilet Stool - Toddler Learning Stool - Leak & Learn Stool - Potty Boy - Alphabet Toilet Stool

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The "Original" LEAK & LEARN toilet posture stool. This stool elevates legs for a more natural squatting Poo position while your little one brushes up on their ABC's!

★ Very Solid & Strong design | Made from 1/2" USA Baltic Birch plywood.
★ This product comes pre-sanded.
★ The wood is untreated and beautiful left as-is, but can also be stained, painted or sealed should you chose to do so!
★ Portable stool is 13" deep, 7" tall, and 21" wide and very lightweight. Can be used in the kitchen as a step stool when not on poo patrol!
★ Assembly required - Very easy to put together. All pieces slot together, hardware included.
★ Perfect for Toddlers!
★ Made to order with pride in the USA | Normally ships within 5 business days.



-Wood is a natural material. Variations in color, knots, texture and grain may occur.

-This product is made with Baltic Birch Plywood- a decorative hardwood plywood with a veneer core.

-This product is both TSCA VI and CARB II compliant.

-This product is manufactured in Las Vegas, NV.

-This product comes pre-sanded. All products are wiped down prior to packaging, however, some wood dust may be present upon opening.

-This wood product is untreated. It can easily be stained or painted once assembled.

-Given that the wood is untreated, excessive exposure to the sun and/or water and other liquids may cause warping and/or staining over time. We suggest sealing your product if you plan to use it outdoors or around water/liquids.



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